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Pablo Malco

Montessori Teacher, SFLHRC

Pablo Malco, is a choreographer, producer, public speaker and a dancer, first making his mark on the world as a street dancer from Brooklyn N.Y. But young and motivated, he began studying Jazz in high school and elaborated on his technique with education in Ballet, Acting and Movement Theory in college. Since high school, Pablo has been honing his performance skills;

Malco’s professional career started in 1991 when he began to appear in several music videos, commercials, concerts and tours with products campaigns and artists such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Appleton Rum, Nescafe, Arsenio Hall, B.E.T., Paula Abdul, Skat Kat, College Boyz, Immature (IMX), Lil Wayne, Jason Derulo, Mims, , Ricky Martin, Will Smith, C&C Music Factory, Jean Michel Jarre , Sugar Hlll Gang, Jessica Simpson and many more.

Pablo has produced, choreographed and was part of the creative team in creating branding campaigns such; Budweiser, Tyson Foods Inc, Immokalee Casino, SFL Boat Parade, Scholastics Inc, Brahma Beer (Brazil), and Duende – Broward 100.

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