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Our Instructors

At SFLHRC, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts.

Rachel Cole


Rachel Cole studied Elementary Education in college, and worked…

Homeschool teachers in Miami

Irina Concas


Irina Concas is a Senior Software Engineer and a certified VEX Robotics Educator and Coach.

Mike D’Amico

Computer Science & Digital Arts TEACHER

With over 20 years of experience in the Computer Science field, Mike D’Amico holds degrees in Computer Graphics and Design, Video Game Design, and Computer Programming.
Miami Homeschool teachers

Tracy Johnson

Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Acting Instructor

Tracy has two Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Marketing, including three minors in Music, Theatre and Biology from The Florida State University.
Miami Homeschool teachers

Deyanira Lewis


Deyanira Lewis was born in Nicaragua and is the mother of one daughter. She along with her daughter enjoys helping and making a difference in their community.
Miami Homeschool teachers

Dara Koch

Microschool Teacher

My passion for teaching began as a young child, with my mother being a first-grade teacher. Before being a teacher, I was a stay-at-home mom to my two daughters, Alana and Bailey.

Pablo Malco


Pablo Malco, is a choreographer, producer, public speaker and a dancer, first making his mark on the world as a street dancer from Brooklyn N.Y.

Melanie Wever


Melanie Wever attended FIU where she earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. When not working in her field, she loves baking, playing tennis, and crafting. With a passion for scrapbooking and most importantly preserving memories, Melanie continues to spread paper crafting knowledge and fun while incorporating math and writing.
Miami Homeschool teachers

Mikaela Martin

Photography TEACHER

Mikaela Martin is a documentary photographer, originally from Australia. Her background as an artist is in film and theater, which informs many aspects of her photography. Along with editorial and commercial projects, she works regularly with families both near and far, photographing their everyday lives. She loves getting to teach young students the craft of picture-making, especially because they see the world in such a unique way.
Miami Homeschool teachers

Alexandra Ramirez

Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

Alexandra “Miss Alex” Ramirez is an experienced youth and adult yoga and meditation instructor, mental health advocate, and mother to an adventurous toddler.
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