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Microgroups Initial Intake Form

Please fill out ONE initial intake form per child.

SFLHRC’s Microgroups Initial Intake Form 

Please note that a $100.00 non-refundable fee per child is required with the interest form.

Additionally, as a heads up, the first month’s tuition or full tuition (for a 10% discount) will be due upon signing the contract. This holds your child’s space into our program. This is also non-refundable.

Please remember enrollment into SFLHRC’s Microgroup is limited to 10 – 12 students.

After we receive the interest form, we will schedule a meeting with you.

Reminder: Please fill out ONE initial intake form per child.

Microgroups Registration

Microgroup: Non-Refundable Deposit for Initial Intake Form

For your MICROGROUP INITIAL INTAKE FORM to be considered, you must pay $100.00 per child, which is non-refundable. As soon as we receive both the form and payment, we will contact you to schedule a meeting!

The meeting will consist of one or both SFLHRC directors, yourself and/or your spouse, and the child who is interested in attending the microgroup.

Please do not delay as our microgroup enrollment is limited to 12 students and is first come first serve.

Microgroups Initial Intake Form

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