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A fun, hands-on, interactive course helping children gain skills such as task mastery,  attention to details, organization, self-control, planning, time management, flexibility, study & work habits, and more.

Additional supplies required – to be purchased by parent and brought to each session:

  • Two pocket folder with prongs
  • Pencil Pouch with:
    • sharpened pencils
    • erasers
    • sharpener
    • color pencils
    • three different colored highlighters
    • scissors
    • glue stick

Ummm…. Huh……Yeah……

These are all words that both parents and students use when they speak in front of a crowd because quite frankly – they are nervous and feel ill-equipped to deliver a speech.

Together, as a group in a friendly, inviting manner, students will prepare a short speech every week during our meeting, and then, give it to the group. The topics will be student chosen and easy for everyone to deliver information.

Students will learn how to prepare notes, organize these notes in an orderly manner, deliver a quality speech, and give and receive positive feedback. Students will learn speaking skills such as volume, eye contact, and body language!

Supplies listed below are required – parents should purchase for students to bring to each session:

  • 5×8 index cards (yes, this size). Students need at least 10 cards per week.
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pens
  • Three different color highlighters
  • 2 pocket folder
  • Notebook paper
  • White computer paper (2 or 3 pieces per week)

After billions of years in existence, Earth as we know it is coming to an end. Scientists have recently discovered large holes in the Earth’s protective atmosphere.  The polar ice caps have melted.   The oceans are too warm to support life.  Droughts plague every continent.

Why has all of this happened?

Strangely, the Earth has been moving closer to the sun.  In an effort to save human life, the government has assembled a team of brave, homeschooled scientists (you!), who will leave Earth and travel to Jupiter.   They hope to establish a colony on Jupiter’s largest moon. Ganymede (GAN-uh-meed).  

It will be a treacherous journey through time and space. 

Are you ready?  Yes, that’s right.  

You are the team of specially selected homeschool scientists. Didn’t you get your letter? Hurry now! Pack your bags and say your goodbyes….Your trip begins on October 2nd.
However, do not worry – you will be home every day by lunchtime!

The first week of class, students will learn about Jupiter, its characteristics, its moons and more! Then, in the following five-weeks, students will work in cooperative teams, with specific roles, facing a new STEAM challenge every week based on the knowledge they learned during the first week!

  • 3-2-1 Blastoff! Design a Rocket
  • Touchdown: Build an Orbiter Landing Device
  • Don’t Look Down: Construct a Crater Crossing
  • Look out Blow: Construct a Supply Drop
  • Home Sweet Home: Build a Living Pod

Additional supplies required – to be purchased by parent and brought to each session:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • 3 different colored highlighters
  • Gel pens
  • Colored pencils
  • Notebook paper
  • Graph paper
  • Two-pocket folder

Additionally, parents will be asked to collect recyclable items from around your home to bring to the first meeting! These will be what you have lying around that you would normally throw out or recycle.

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