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Some of the most commonly asked questions are listed below with their answers. If you do not find the answer you need here, please feel free to email

Frequently Asked Questions

SFLHRC welcomes new families to enroll at any time as long as there is room in the requested classes. We keep class size limited to provide a personalized experience.
SFLHRC is an inclusive, academic, project-based program. With that said, please understand that there are certain academic skills that your child needs to be successful in the class. Read the descriptions CAREFULLY to make sure you are choosing the right classes for them!
In order to make sure we have the minimum number of students to run a class, families are asked to commit by registering and pre-paying for a class. If a student is unsure of a class, please first arrange for a facility tour and, if possible, a short observation of a similar class already in progress.
For ages 4 – 13, students will not have required homework. At times, for special programs, an instructor might encourage students to complete extension activities; however, it is up to the family if they want to complete this. For high school students, yes, there will be mandatory homework as a way to ensure high school students are keeping up with the class material.
Yes, SFLHRC is an approved vendor with both FES-UA and PEP. At this point, we do not do direct pay. Instead, we ask parents to register and pre-pay for classes. Then, request a receipt. Once you receive the receipt, submit it to FES-UA or PEP for reimbursement.
Once you register there are no refunds, no substitutions, no exchanges. Please be 100% certain when you register!
SFLHRC is careful when designing classes for specific age groups. We understand and appreciate that homeschooled children are at a variety of levels. Please choose classes that match your child’s age. We have age spans for this reason. If you truly feel that your child can be successful in a class outside their age group, please speak to Eva or Mor personally.

SFLHRC’s class minimum is four. SFLHRC’s class maximum will be ten students in any class.

For events such as summer camps, field trips, Friday events etc. our numbers vary according to the event.

Since SFLHRC is a homeschool facility, we do not provide grades for children UNLESS they are part of our high school program. Most classes serving preschool – eighth grade are enrichment classes. Teachers of high school classes will provide qualitative feedback on the student’s participation and understanding of the subject matter in addition to a letter grade. Parents can opt to do with this as they like.
At this point, SFLHRC is not equipped to have parents on site. When we do our first expansion, our goal is to have a separate parent lounge where parents can hang out. We encourage parents to take advantage of this opportunity to run errands, go to Starbucks, go to the park, go shopping etc.
SFLHRC is an all-inclusive environment open to all faiths. We are a secular program with no religious affiliation. All faiths are welcomed, celebrated, and encouraged to attend. Absolute respect for others is expected.

Unfortunately, once in a while, SFLHRC might have to replace an instructor. This might happen when an unexpected conflict arises in their schedule and/or life when something happens that affects their availability etc.

SFLHRC does not want to disappoint your children! We will work hard to find an amazing replacement from within our teacher pool. We would rather do this than cancel the class.
All SFLHRC instructors are professionals who have teaching experience, specifically with homeschoolers.

I would love to see…

As always, if you have suggestions, we are all ears. We might not be able to implement them immediately; however, we will certainly consider them. To share your ideas, please feel free to email

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