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Eva Goldstein-Meola, M.Ed

Founder, Lead Teacher, and Director – SFLHRC
Eva’s homeschooling journey began many, many moons ago when her daughter was just five years old.   At that time, Eva had been on an extended maternity leave (a five-year long maternity leave) from her teaching position in Massachusetts.  She had just taken her daughter to the local school for kindergarten screening when she was called into the principal’s office.  The principal explained that the kindergarten teachers decided, because of where Shayna was academically, it would be best to put her daughter in second grade. Knowing this was developmentally inappropriate, Eva suddenly blurted out “Thank goodness homeschooling is legal in Massachusetts!”   From that moment forward, Eva knew she wouldn’t be returning to public education.  Together, Eva and Shayna’s homeschooling journey began.
Women Owned Business

    • Founder, Director, and Lead Teacher of South Florida Homeschool Resource Center

    • Master’s in Education – Consulting Teacher of Reading and Writing

    • Bachelor of Science – Elementary Education / Minor in Reading

    • Homeschooling Conference Speaker:  HEAV, Secular Homeschool Virginia, CHAP, ENOCH, Michiana Homeschooling Conference, MACHE…

    • National Speaker about Portfolio Assessment / Literacy:  Massachusetts Reading Association, New England Reading Association, International Reading Association

    • IEW Writing Teacher Certified

    • Writing Teacher for Homeschoolers since 2002

    • Private Tutor – Grades 1 – 12 – Writing, Reading, Phonics, Elementary Math

    • College Preparatory:  Advising, Essay Writing and more!

    • Reading Specialist for Public Elementary School

    • Classroom Teacher in Elementary School

From Western Massachusetts, they moved to Northern Virginia and continued to homeschool.  In both Western Massachusetts and Northern Virginia, Eva was the parent who organized classes, field trips, events and so much more!  Eva wanted to make sure that Shayna had every opportunity she wanted to have while homeschooling.

It was at this point that Eva’s dream of owning a Homeschool Resource Center began; however, her priority was homeschooling Shayna.  Eva had the floor plans laid out in her mind.  Eva had the events calendar set.  Eva had every single aspect you could imagine prepared.   Only one thing stood in her way – time.  She wanted to make sure she was 100% present for Shayna and homeschooling – that she put her own dream off.

Through offering writing classes for homeschoolers in Northern Virginia, Eva’s first business, Open Tent Academy, was established when a parent approached Eva in 2007 to offer her writing classes online.  Today, OTA offers over 100 classes annually via 12 teachers.  Personally, Eva is not only the founder, but she actively teaches writing, literature, personal development, executive functioning, musical theater, and geography.

Eva’s dream of building a physical center dedicated for homeschooling families has never left the forefront on her mind.  COVID hit.  The world shut down.  As Florida was re-opening, Eva realized the time is now.   Shayna was in graduate school.  Her job of homeschooling her daughter was done.  

South Florida Homeschool Resource Center had its first event in July of 2022.  Ever since then, SFLHRC has offered local homeschooling families on Fridays either a field trip, organized park day, art oriented, or academic event.  Over 80% of the FABULOUS FRIDAY events sell out!  Be sure to register early!

Phase 2 of SFLHRC will begin in August of 2023.  This will be known as our MARVELOUS MONDAY classes.  We will be hosting a la carte, short term classes in multi-age groups.  You can pick and choose what you want to enhance your homeschooling program!  We are currently working to have SFLHRC been part of the FES-UA and Step-Up for Students program, and we are working hard to open a 5,000 square foot Homeschooling Resource Center by August 2024.  This will be a home for ALL homeschoolers.  It will be a combination of a microschool, flexible homeschooling pods, a la carte classes, events, private tutoring, summer camp, day off from school programs, lending library, workshops for parents and so much more!  Eva’s dream is finally coming to fruition!

SFLHRC is going to be a facility dedicated to providing individualized, learner centered, project-based education to all homeschoolers.  We will offer a variety of programs to enhance YOUR family’s homeschool experience.  We believe that all families need the CHOICE in what they want to participate in – whether a full-time program, part-time program or simply picking and choosing opportunities that fit their learner.  SFLHRC will focus on each student’s unique strengths and needs to assure them that every homeschooling has the opportunity to thrive both academically and personally.

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