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Help South Florida Homeschool Resource Center provide quality programming for all!

Help make the dream come true for ALL students.

Become a sponsor and help our SFLHRC exceed its goal of $100,000 for 2024!

Giving a little will change opportunities for many!

How Donations Works?

South Florida Homeschool Resource Center humbly asks for your support. Your donation creates equitable experiences that are safe and inclusive for ALL students, including neurodiverse as well as minorities. SFLHRC works tirelessly to help close through the achievement gap through quality educational programming.

homeschool donations

Why Donate?

Help make homeschooling accessible to lower-income families. The costs of homeschooling, from curriculum to technology to enrichment activities, can add up quickly. Donations help provide scholarships and discounted educational materials.

Support innovation in homeschooling methods and resources. Nonprofits invest in developing new open-source curricula, online classes, co-ops, and other resources that benefit the broader homeschooling community.

Advocate for homeschooling rights and policies. Nonprofits use donations to lobby state and local governments for laws and policies that are friendly to homeschooling families. This helps protect the legal right to homeschool.

Fund extracurricular activities. Nonprofits organize athletic programs, field trips, classes, and clubs. This enhances the socialization and enrichment opportunities available to homeschoolers.

Provide community and networking opportunities. Nonprofits connect homeschool families through support groups, workshops, conventions, and online forums. This helps combat isolation.

Offer guidance and mentoring. Nonprofit staff and volunteers provide advice and support for new homeschool parents to help them get started and overcome challenges.

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