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A La Carte Sessions

Beginning in March 2024, SFLHRC is offering enrichment sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! These are a-la-carte, one day sessions for multi-age groups. You can pick and choose what you want to enhance your homeschooling program!

About SFLHRC Enrichment

South Florida Homeschool Resource Center offers homeschoolers in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach the opportunity to gather together to engage in a menu of high-quality, in-person classes that focus on problem-solving, STEAM, and project-base learning. Students collaborate — learning from one another in a meaningful way! South Florida Homeschool Resource Center curates a fabulous environment, making learning seem like play! Simply put, SFLHRC offers transformative educational experiences.  Have your child join us for a MAGIC, ART,  STEM, Escape Rooms, Poetry, and much more!

South Florida Homeschool Resource Center supports both gifted and neurodiverse learners focusing on each child’s unique strengths that they bring to the world. South Florida Homeschool Resource Center creates a world where every student is inspired to learn, create, participate, and navigate their educational journey.

South Florida Homeschool Resource Center is a warm, welcoming community hub where everyone is valued. Join SFLHRC in one class or a full morning and watch your homeschoolers flourish as they expand their minds.

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