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SFLHRC Amazon Wish List

You can make a donation to SFLHRC without ever leaving home via our Amazon Wish List. All deliveries can be shipped directly to the center.

Donate items from our Amazon Wishlist

As you can imagine, running a homeschooling/educational center like this takes a great deal of supplies. Although you pay fees for various events, classes, and/or tutoring, those fees go to cover those expenses. While your children are here, they have access to fabulous educational resources. As you can imagine, not only are these resources consumable; however, the non-consumable resources get “used” and need to be replaced.

We ask parents to consider donating at various times during the year using our AMAZON WISH LIST.

Your child can donate in honor of their birthday, receiving an award for “I am NOT going back to school” for the winter holidays or the end of the year. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3. And if you can’t decide, an Amazon Gift Card would be amazing!
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