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Anne Nicot, B.A. AMS

AMS Montessori Teacher, SFLHRC


  • AMS Montessori Teacher of South Florida Homeschool Resource Center
  • Bachelor of Arts – Social Work
  • Certified AMS Montessori Teacher

Twenty-seven years ago, Anne decided to complete her 250 hours of community service in a childcare setting. Ever since then, every career opportunity she has taken on has involved working with children. Majoring in Education for three years, Anne changed her major to Social Work in order to address the afflictions she encountered while working with the youth population. Anne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, along with a Minor in Criminal Justice.

Anne worked as a social worker after graduating but left the field after the arrival of her second child. Shortly after his birth, she decided to return to education and became certified as an AMS Montessori teacher. For the past five years, she has practiced Montessori teaching principles, including two years of homeschooling her own three children using the Montessori method.

For Anne, her ideal vision of a classroom is that of a salad bowl rather than a melting pot. In Anne’s own words: “You can identify the different ingredients of a salad bowl, just as you should be able to identify the different learning needs of each child. Not every child learns the same. Thus, not every child should be expected to learn the same.”

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