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South Florida Homeschool Resource Center will be a central hub and social network for the homeschooling community, both students and parents. 

South Florida Homeschool Resource Center (SFLHRC) will provide a warm, welcoming community for its families, which represent a range of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, races, religious beliefs, political affiliations as well as homeschooling philosophies.  

All members of SFLHRC are treated with respect and dignity; all voices are honored, and all contributions are valued.   Our shared mission is to nurture the potential of each child, to celebrate his/her individuality; and to offer every child the opportunity to lead as well as learn, to teach as well as to explore.  

SFLHRC members are part of a community, working together continuously to create an enriching environment that:

  • Encourages excellence in all activities. 
  • Encourages the learning of a variety of life skills.
  • Establishes meaningful connections to the community.
  • Encourages students to think critically, adapt, collaborate, meet challenges, and solve problems.
  • Encourages children to be resilient, lead others, and impact other people’s lives.
  • Encourages clear communication between individuals.
  • Encourages project-based learning focused on the four C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 
  • Offers STEAM based learning!
  • Encourages meaningful connections to the community. 
  • Offers SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) to develop self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills.
  • Inspires a growth mindset for all stages of development.

From the onset, our founder Eva wanted others to experience the same flexibility that she wanted herself as a homeschool parent – the ability to mix and match classes, events, field trips etc. – as kids’ needs and interests changed, so no one felt “locked into” a long-term commitment.

With SFLHRC, families will be welcome to: 

  • Join us for field trips when their schedule allows.
  • Participate in a full-time microschool program.
  • Participate in part-time homeschooling pods.
  • Participate in a la carte classes based on their family’s needs and desires.
  • Actively participate for one quarter and then take the next quarter off.
  • Dig in and join us for everything we offer!